Blue Studios is a Silicon Valley subscription-based digital education platform backed by Global Millennial Capital, 500 Startups, and TechStars. Blue Studios wants to educate 1 billion students globally across 100 cities and build a digital content library of 10,000 hours.

Category : EdTech

Founded : 2018

Invested : 2020

Millennial Consumer Innovation

Business Case Study

Home grown passion and entrepreneurial skills for STEM Education

Blue Studios has the aim to become the world’s largest classroom for all students interested in STEM education. The Global Millennial Capital team, truly believes in the ambition and potential of the founders to achieve their milestones. Kelley O’ Cambry has been a STEM education enthusiast from an early age, she has had a proven track record in STEM, with the development of a curriculum being taught to over 20,000 kids.

Value Creation Strategy for Blue Studios

The Global Millennial Capital team and Blue Studios look to strategize their partnership in assisting the Blue Studios team for their global expansion, through the mentorship in their business plan adaption towards regional consumer requirements, with providing access to over 12.9 million students through further partnerships with leading education providers worldwide. As well as providing support in a fast track to global adoption with multilingual content.